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LV20 SuperMeet

The Las Vegas SuperMeet is back with a strong presence at NAB Show 2020 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino!

SuperMeet 2020 is the ultimate community event for creatives to foster interaction, fresh ideas, decisive collaboration and empowerment. It’s a time-honored, inclusive event that places you front and center with NAB Show 2020’s diverse community of established production and post-production professionals, independent and student filmmakers and digital media creatives. Take this opportunity now to not only learn about the latest technology trends, but to network and share industry news and opportunities in a social setting that is educational, exciting and fun!

Produced by Future Media Conferences and SuperMeet, LLC

Each ticket includes 2 free raffle tickets for prizes. Early Bird tickets $10 general admission / $7 for students!

This program is no longer taking place this April in Las Vegas. Join us in 2021!

About This Year’s Event

Everyone is a Broadcaster is SuperMeet 2020’s theme! We’ll highlight forward-thinking and inspiring conversation by notable filmmakers and industry thought leaders. SuperMeet 2020 will offer a collective “mindset” to help you optimize yourself for growth & success as a content creator.

We’ve halved the stage portion of SuperMeet 2020. Why? To allow for more time for networking with fellow creators, vendors and special guests! And yes, SuperMeet 2020 will conclude with the largest SuperMeet raffle yet, filled with tens of thousands of dollars in digital filmmaking and content creator related prizes!

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We are updating the structure of the SuperMeet schedule to provide opportunities for extended face-time and interaction between attendees, exhibiting companies and special guests. There is one block of stage time with the last presentation serving as the keynote, rather than two with an intermission. Each presentation supports the theme of, “Everyone is a Broadcaster.”

5 – 6:30 p.m.

Doors open to the Vendor Showcase at 5pm. Attendees network with each other and with exhibiting companies.

6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

At 6:30pm, the stage presentations begin, consisting of 4-5 20 minute presentations on stage. Presentations will be focused on a topic, issue or success story related to the theme via a filmmaker/content creator. The presentations will be conversation-based, they will not be demos, workflow presentations or selling of products.

The stage will be set living room style, for comfort and to support conversations, playing clips of work to illustrate, and sharing of mindsets. The goal is to inspire and motivate attendees to hold further discussion amongst themselves, speakers and exhibitors at the SuperMeet and on the NAB show floor.

8:30 – 10:30 p.m.

At 8:30pm stage presentations conclude and the networking portion of the SuperMeet continues for the rest of the event. During this time, the exhibiting companies announce the winners to small raffle items normally given away on stage. This provides added excitement to the conversations. Near the close of the event, the winners to the larger raffle items will be announced. The event will conclude afterwards.

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FMC Pass Options

Post|Production World is the industry’s largest training conference. To help guide your way most effectively, here is a review of the various tickets available from FMC. We have developed / customized a few ticket / pass types for you to make your experience most efficient at Post|Production World, and to maximize the benefit of your attendance, as follows:

Most of P|PW runs all in one area; in breakout rooms in the Upper South hall which are all one next to the other.
In addition, FMC also offers some additional training in the field (aka field workshops) and some hands-on classes and other items that require separate registration.

Post|Production World

Full pass costs $1,325. Access to all P|PW sessions at the convention center/breakout rooms, keynotes, panels, and SuperMeet. Move freely between 11 breakout rooms of different topics, to maximize your learning experience. No need to pre-register to any session. See the session grid for each day’s sessions.

  • Click here to purchase this pass.
  • Includes access to all P|PW sessions, plus access to Show Floor and SuperMeet. Does not include access to Field Workshops for Creatives, Hands-On Software Training, or Hands-On! Studio Experience.

Post|Production World 3-session pass costs $625. For those who wish to attend only specific sessions, we have customized the 3-session pass.

  • Click here to purchase this pass.
  • Includes access to 3 P|PW sessions of choice, plus access to P|PW conference keynote sessions and Show Floor. Does not include access to full-day Post|Production World sessions, Field Workshops for Creatives, Hands-On Software Training, Hands-On! Studio Experience, or SuperMeet.

Hands-On Studio Experience

Day passes cost $675 per day, or $1600 for 3-day studio package. New for 2020, each day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, held at an offsite professional studio, 4 topics will be delivered in 4 separate rooms. On each day of the studio experience, presentations will be repeated so you can maximize your learning experience. Example: Friday’s studio experience offers Facebook live events in room 1, Successful streaming in room 2, Lightweight lighting solutions in room 3 and Putting Cameras into motion in room 4. At each coffee break after a 2.5h workshop, attendees may switch rooms, ultimately learning 3 out of the 4 topics. See grid for each day’s topics.

Field Workshops for Creatives

Individually ticketed workshops cost $675 for 1-day and $950 for 2-day workshops. These offsite experiences, require separate registration.

Hands-On Software Training

Individually ticketed training cost $675 for 1-day and $950 for 2-day. These trainings of 1 or 2 days long each, require separate registration.


SuperMeet pass costs $10, and is only included only if you buy a full P|PW pass. Otherwise, it requires separate registration. May only be purchased in addition to another P|PW or NAB Show pass.

  • Click here to purchase this pass.
  • Includes access to SuperMeet only. Does not include access to Show Floor, any Post|Production World sessions, Field Workshops for Creatives, Hands-On Software Training, or Hands-On! Studio Experience.

You may purchase a combination of any of the above and get a 20% discount with code PPWBUNDLE. For example: full pass + UAV workshop = $1,960 instead of $2000.

For any questions about any of the above, email

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