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Curated Show Floor Tours

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Dive deeper with a guided tour of NAB Show this year. We’ve done the legwork for you! Take a curated tour related to new products and workflows.

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These tours will no longer taking place this April in Las Vegas. Join us in 2021!

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Future Tech Experience Tour

Skillfully led by Ralph Cochrane, Future Tech Expert

Learn about the latest technology trends and new products from the companies that are driving the pace of change. We’ll visit cutting-edge startups and hear about the innovative new ideas from some of the market leaders.

Who should tour?  Industry executives who want to get a broad view of the next wave of innovation and its impact on production, product and the bottom line. From business executives to journalists we’ll give you our opinion on what’s happening within the industry and show you where to find out more. 

On this tour you’ll learn about: 
  • Camera innovation
  • Disruptive start-ups
  • Cloud technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Live streaming
  • Production and workflow innovation

Film, TV and On Demand Programming Workflow Tour

Skillfully led by Gary Robinson, Film and Video Production Expert

Find out how video production has been affected in the age of Netflix, Amazon and Disney streaming services as it relates to producing creative fictional content for theatrical, television and streaming service distribution.  

Who should tour? This program is designed for filmmakers, television producers, creative professionals and advertising producers.

On this tour you’ll learn about: 
  • 4k and 8k camera systems for content production
  • Drones and cranes for dramatic camera movement
  • Field lighting
  • Sound capture systems, including mics and multitrack recorders
  • Visual FX graphics software for creative effects
  • Music and sound software for sound mixing and repair
  • Video editing software and storage systems for efficient creative workflow

Live News, Podcast, and Event Streaming Workflows Tour

Expertly led by Philip Nelson, Live Broadcast and Film Producer

Live production for linear broadcast and streaming is rapidly changing. Learn new technologies and workflows that will help you remain competitive in this evolving segment of the broadcast industry.

Who should tour?  Professionals from news and sports channels, sports venues, houses of worship and ministries and corporate communications.  

On this tour you’ll learn about: 
  • Cameras for live, multi-cam, and field production
  • Field and studio lighting
  • Content delivery systems
  • Multi-camera switching systems
  • Audio for live production
  • Creative camera support such as drones and cranes
  • Virtual set, titling and live graphics systems
  • IP integration
  • Storage systems

Getting Started with Live Streaming and Broadcasting Tour

Expertly led by Philip Nelson, Live Broadcast and Film Producer

This tour will give you a boot camp on the technologies and workflows needed to deploy your live streaming and broadcasting strategy. The focus of this tour will be to show the key technologies needed to get started.

Who should tour? Anyone who wants to get started in live streaming, podcasting and broadcasting. From universities, educators, corporate communications, business executives, houses of worship, journalists and anyone just getting started who want to find out more.   

On this tour you’ll learn about: 
  • Cameras
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Switching
  • Graphics
  • Remote feeds
  • Broadcasting/streaming technology

Digital/Broadcast Content Distribution Tour

Expertly led by Philip Nelson, Live Broadcast and Film Producer

IP and OTT technology has changed the broadcast strategy of almost every broadcaster on Earth. Learn new technologies that will help you reach viewers where they want to consume their content.

Who should tour?  IT professionals, network Engineers, Broadcast Engineers.

On this tour you’ll learn about: 
  • Encoding
  • Broadcasting technology
  • Content delivery Networks
  • IP transmission
  • Storage systems
  • OTT technologies
  • 5G technologies
  • Closed and open captioning

Expert Guides

Ralph Cochrane

Future Tech Expert

Philip Nelson

Live Production Track Expert

Gary Robinson

Film and Video Production Expert

Tour Schedule

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DateTimeFuture Tech ExperienceFilm, TV and On Demand Programming WorkflowGetting Started with Live Streaming and BroadcastingLive News, Podcast, and Event Streaming WorkflowsDigital/Broadcast Content Distribution
Sunday12 – 2:30
Sunday3:30 – 6
Monday9:15 – 11:45
Monday12:45 – 3:15
Monday3:30 – 6
Tuesday9:15 – 11:45
Tuesday12:45 – 3:15
Tuesday3:30 – 6
Wednesday9:30 a.m. – 12
Wednesday1 – 3:30