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Speaker Logistics

Experience matters. And so do our Speakers!

Thank you for your willingness to share your time, knowledge, and resources with the NAB Show® community. We are grateful for your participation and want to ensure that your time at NAB Show is both pleasant and enjoyable.

The following information and services, including an online Speaker Dashboard, will help you prepare pre-show and onsite for your presentation.

Registration Information

Log into your Dashboard for instructions on how to register as a Speaker and view/update all information regarding you and your sessions.

Discount Promotion and Guest Session Passes

We are excited to have speakers’ guests join us for the 2020 NAB Show.

Have your guests register online today using code SKF20 to receive $100 off the Conference Pass (non- member rates) or for a complimentary Exhibits Pass.

If you have a guest who would like to only attend your session, please have them register for a complimentary Exhibits pass using the same code (SKF20). 

Once registered, session passes can be picked up in the onsite Speaker Ready Rooms or Speaker Lounge. 

* Discount does not apply toward ticketed events. The Conference Pass registration includes access to the show floor. All attendees must be badged in order to access sessions or the show floor. Offer ends March 22, 2020.

Speaker Ready Room and Lounge

Locations: S221 (South Hall) and N255 (North Hall)

This room provides speakers with a location to meet with their panelist, make phone calls, print boarding passes, and access Orchestrate, the presentation management system. Speaker registration credentials such as badges, ribbons, and bags should be picked up here as well for your convenience.  All speakers should check in at the Speaker Ready Room or Speaker Lounge at least 20 minutes prior to your session to meet with your panel. You will then be escorted to your session room.

Presentation Management

We have provided speakers with PowerPoint templates for those who have a presentation. The templates can be found in your Speaker Dashboard. You can use the presentation management tool in the speaker portal to upload presentations and videos beginning March 1st.  Speakers can also upload presentations onsite in both Speaker Ready Rooms.

Upload specs:

  • PowerPoint presentation slides must be in 16:9 format.
  • Video clips:  MP4 file in 16×9 format using standard resolution (720).

NOTE: There will be a title slide displayed during your presentation if you do not have a PowerPoint presentation.


Follow this link to reserve your hotel if you have not done so already.

*NAB does not cover speaker housing.*

NAB Show Thought Gallery

All NAB Show Speakers are welcome and invited to Contribute Articles.

NAB Show Thought Gallery is a collection of works from our top media and entertainment professionals. Designed as a forum for the presentation of insights and ideas relevant to all sectors of the media and entertainment industry.

If you are interested in being a Thought Gallery Contributor, contact Bob Mitchell for more details.

All content reflects the views of individual participants or authors, which views may or may not be shared by NAB. NAB shall have no responsibility for accuracy of such contents, blogs or views, and by utilizing this site you understand and agree that NAB will bear no legal liability for such contents, blogs or views.

Speaker FAQs

Submissions (Currently Closed)

When and how are Speakers selected?

What are the technical specifications for my Session?

Do you have to be an Exhibitor to submit a speaking proposal?

Can we submit a proposed list of panelists and moderator for our panel along with our description?

Can we submit proposals for Post|Production World?

Are all sessions made up of panels?

Will there be focused segments for start-ups launched this year?

If I submit a proposal after the deadline, can I be considered for the next Show or will I need to re-submit?

One of our clients would like to submit an abstract and technical paper but does not want to present at the conference. Is this an option?

Are there a maximum number of speakers we can submit per proposal?


What registration is included for Learning Lab speakers?

Are speakers reimbursed for their registration after they are selected to present at the Show?

What happens if I lose my badge?

Can I bring a guest to the Show to attend my Session?

Who do I speak to about a Session Pass, or other needs?


Does NAB Show reimburse my travel as a Speaker?

Are there negotiated rates for travel or hotel available for Speakers?

Speaker Ready Room

Will there be an online speaker portal?

Can I make updates to my profile in the speaker portal?

Is there a template for slide presentations?

What is the deadline for making presentation changes?


Will my Session be recorded and if so, can I get a copy?

Can I record or live stream my session?


Are there paid speaking opportunities at NAB Show?

Who attends the Conference Program?

When will accepted proposals become public on the

How can I increase pre-Show buzz about my Session?