#GALSNGEAR: Launch Your Leadership Journey

A program for women emerging leaders

Women who own their leadership journey are better equipped to build, lead and inspire high-performing teams that deliver impact. Whether you work in Streaming Media, Broadcast, Film & Content Production or Live Events, this half-day workshop will jump-start your journey. Decode your leadership style and those of others, embrace your leadership strengths, identify areas for further growth, and define a path for achieving your career goals. This workshop will have a limited attendance, on a first-come first served basis. Companies are encouraged to recommend emerging leaders for this unique experience.

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Featured Speakers
& Sessions

Amy DeLouise
Tuesday, October 12

Director/Producer and Founder, #GALSNGEAR

April Carty-Sipp
Tuesday, October 12

EVP, Industry Affairs, National Association of Broadcasters

Adrena Ifill
Tuesday, October 12

CEO and Founder, Ifill/DoubleBack Global Group

Ellyn McKay
Tuesday, October 12

Founder, CEO Vision

Nicki Sun
Tuesday, October 12

Producer, Host, Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Content Strategist

Gay Bell
Tuesday, October 12

Chief Executive, Platform Communications