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Steve Audette has been making documentaries for nearly 20 years.  This fall Steve finished cutting three episodes of the special NOVA series Fabric of the Cosmos. With over 40 production credits, Audette’s work has contributed to many Emmy Award-winning documentaries, as well as Peabody and DuPont Columbia Award-winning programs. In 2008 Steve was nominated for an Eddie Award from American Cinema Editors (A.C.E.), in the category of Best Documentary Editor on Frontline’s Bush’s War; which went on to win the News and Documentary Emmy.  Before working with NOVA, Steve was Senior Documentary Editor for the PBS public affairs series Frontline, where he continues to fill in as finishing editor.

Last year Steve expanded his production credits to include the film short, Nico’s Challenge, the first documentary out of Audette’s company, Mezzotint Films. Audette says: “The story of Nico Calabria’s climb was in the local paper. I called the family and asked if they shot any footage? The next day I’m screening the dailies and I knew I had a great story and a great little film.”  Nico’s Challenge has garnered wide acclaim in both national and international film festivals.

A second feature-length film is currently in production at Mezzotint Films. Titled Convicted, it is a poignantly disturbing family portrait of how, in an effort to protect children, the medical and legal establishment unleashed a tsunami of investigations, and in their wake, families on both sides try to pick up the pieces. Convicted holds a glimpse of our own vulnerabilities, and shows the horror and ease with which our own lives can get caught-up in the chaos of childlike terror.


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