Press Policy & Agreement

For good and valuable consideration which includes Media Registration for NAB Show®, I agree to the policy outlined below and understand that I / my organization have limited permission to make still photographs, video and sound recordings/films of portions of Exhibits and/or Sessions at NAB Show. I agree to all of the following conditions, and I represent that I am authorized to bind my news organization to these conditions:

I will be video-audio taping/filming/reporting/photographing on assignment for the news organization identified above, which has obtained for me press accreditation to NAB Show;

That organization publishes news audio/video or photographic information throughout the year in a regularly scheduled program or programs;

The video and audio we film, tape or record will be used only in brief news reports to be broadcast/published not later than 30 days following the close of NAB Show, and no final product will incorporate more than five minutes of video or audio from any one session or from the Show Floor;

In any session where a video camera location is designated I will shoot only from that location. For audio I will use only the mult box (when provided) or a mic located at the camera position. I will not put mics on speakers, panelists, podiums, lecterns, or any place outside the designated video shooting area;

I will not use artificial lighting when the room is darkened for projection or computer display purposes;

I will not engage in any streaming or webcasting at NAB Show without the prior written approval of NAB;

My organization will be responsible for any charges which may be imposed at the Las Vegas Convention Center because of or related to my filming or taping;

I acknowledge that NAB is the sole owner of the rights to make all photos, audio and video recordings at NAB Show;

This agreement is non-transferable. Any other person representing my organization who wishes to film, videotape or make video or sound recordings in sessions or on the Show Floor must sign a separate form;

I also acknowledge the limited license granted to my organization through this agreement permits use only in my organization’s own news reports and may be altered or revoked by NAB at any time;

NAB may limit, at its sole discretion, the locations, times and subjects for video audio recordings and photographs;

By registering for NAB Show I consent to NAB’s collection and storage of the data on the registration form in the United States;

No one under the age of 16 is permitted in the Exhibit Halls or Sessions.