NABiQ Winners

Empowering the NAB Show community to re-image, co-create and pitch solutions to industry challenges in only 60 minutes. This year’s theme, Embracing the Future of AI.

  • Create – How can we unlock the potential of GenAI in Media Creation, to reimagine creativity as we know it?
  • Connect – How can we redefine the future of AI content delivery for faster, high-quality streaming and broadcast?
  • Capitalize – How can we harness the full potential of GenAI and intelligent technologies to drive a new era of audience engagement and interaction in advertising?
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  • NAB Amplify
NABiQ Hats

1 common language from any point of view: Communicate & understand other stakeholders in their own terms.

  • Michael Wuebben, Ketchum PR
  • Liana Conti, High Point University
  • Mark Hamilton, University of Iowa
  • Wolf O’Rourc, RoRo
  • Corey Lehman, CLE Photography
  • Blake Kraft, Filmmaker, Krafty Productions
  • Anniston Mathews, Adventist World Radio

The AI art critic in your pocket for designers & creators: corrects branding when building, optimises files for rapid distribution.

  • Michelle Peredo, INC Media Services
  • Montriville Boy, INCTV
  • Douglas Speights, AWMI (not pictured)
  • Jonathan Badrian, Dept of Veteran Affairs(not pictured)
  • Facilitators Sydney and Aubrey pictured

Current. Relevant. Verified. AI pulls relevant news across all media tailored to your top topics and warns you on “questionable” sources.

  • Andy Butler, PBS
  • Deepak Dhirasaria, Tiger Analytics
  • Jasper Heist, Imagine Products, Inc.
  • Isaac Murillo, Imagine Products
  • Derrick Si, Superfly Pte Ltd

All NABiQ ideas were pitched on-stage during the NABiQ Pitch Showcase Happy Hours each afternoon.

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“I really liked the team-building, we collaborated with each other, ran ideas off each other, bounced them off then found the really good ones at the end so that was really fun teamwork.”

“The team building aspect is great we all worked together in different fashions so that was already natural. Just to throw ideas out there to see what sticks and being facilitated by the great group here at NABiQ really helped us to put it on paper and make it concise so thank you guys for having us it was fun!”

“I’ve been doing this four times now and every session I find something that’s valuable for my work.“

“Getting creative and just being given the opportunity to think rather than just attend – that two-way thing was just great. Having those team members collaborate and come up with an idea, walk through it til the end and pitch it in the same day was cool.”