Hit The Pavement Running

October 9-10, 2024 | Javits Center, New York


Set your sights on it all…

There’s a city that never sleeps. Where the hum and the energy of daily life beckons with its magnetic pulse. Vibrant. Alive. Palpable. Enter NAB Show New York. Where you’ll join 12K+ content economy professionals in this thriving media capital of the world for culture, creativity and commerce.

Drawn to by all in broadcast, media and entertainment, NAB Show New York is your access to product discovery, networking and knowledge. Your time to talk AI, the creator economy, virtual production, FAST, live production and more. Your chance to ask questions, make connections and get hands-on…heightened by the sheer volume of media companies, production houses, recording studios, radio stations and industry icons teeming in this town. All here, waiting for you. 


NAB Show New York is your backstage pass to:
  • Identify the opportunities ahead for the evolving broadcast ecosystem
  • Demo the latest tools being used on hot TV and film projects 
  • Connect with the end-to-end workflow for photography and motion production
  • Uncover the latest innovations transforming the world of audio and broadcasting
  • Collaborate in the city that sets the pace for new advertising techniques and technologies


Discover new products…

It’s time to switch it up. From time-saving digital tools to new-to-market tech to optimizing your existing product suite, NAB Show New York has easy-to-implement solutions to revolutionize your creative process. You’ll love the direct Q&A with exhibitors and getting to test drive all the products from brands you know of (and those you find along the way). Because it’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Right This Way


Connect with experts…

It’s time to get schooled. From AI and machine learning to the creator economy, virtual production, FAST and more, NAB Show New York is your ticket to unpacking the most pivotal trends and topics. You’ll go beyond industry jargon by connecting 1:1 with experts across the show floor and in the conference rooms through curated sessions solving your unique challenges. Because it’s all about you.  

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What everyone’s talking about now:

Artificial Intelligence. AI has more than arrived. It has transformed the media and entertainment industry by enhancing creativity, personalization, efficiency and optimizing marketing efforts.

The Creator Economy. The cultural impact a digital content creator has is already surpassing that of traditional media. This emerging profession is driving a new age of entrepreneurship and new ways of engagement and monetization. 

Virtual Production. With advancements in tech and solutions, the door to virtual production opens more opportunities in the business. The full content lifecycle continues to benefit through this continued evolution.

FAST. Free ad-supported streaming television continues to grow and change how content is consumed and monetized, offering more opportunities for independent content creators and established media.


Expand your circle…

It’s time to put yourself out there. From mixers and must-attend awards to spontaneous encounters with some of the most influential names in media, NAB Show New York is an event where anything is possible. You’ll be right at home in this hub for content creators, producers, directors, podcasters, photographers, engineers, editors, trendsetters and innovators. Because it’s all about who you know.

I Want In


Things change fast in this industry. Spaced six months from NAB Show, NAB Show New York is how you’ll stay current on all the latest technical developments and pressing topics. Through concentrated connection time, Q&A with exhibitors and hands-on access to cutting-edge products. It’s all yours.