ATSC 2020 NextGen Broadcast Conference

Monday, October 26, 2020 Open to: Marketplace Pass Holders

The latest information on deployments, new markets for and future capabilities of ATSC 3.0, and the extensive capabilities of the standard that brings over-the-air together with over-the-top content sources.

Monday, October 26


One by one, broadcasters are adding to the roster of markets with ATSC 3.0 services. The number of cities with next-generation TV broadcasts is expected to double by the new year and reach half the country’s population by next summer. Hear from those who are launching ATSC 3.0 and how they plan to take advantage of the standard’s capabilities.


Cable companies are evaluating the ATSC 3.0 standard and how it can be adapted for use by network operators. This session will review technical trials and implementations that are underway and provide more information about how ATSC 3.0 might also reach cable subscribers.


ATSC’s new Planning Team 8 is focused on Core Network Technology for Broadcast, peering into the crystal ball of the future. Core network technologies may have a wide impact on the broadcast industry. A core network that enables broadcast towers to be efficiently connected to form one or more service networks might be an important ingredient for datacasting to a host of future devices.


The future of ATSC 3.0 may include enhanced interoperability with advanced 5G or 6G networks, bringing together the full capabilities of telecom systems with broadcasting. India is becoming a first mover on converged networks.


The highly complex technical considerations of new technologies like ATSC 3.0 make collaboration between companies more appealing, as service and equipment providers link arms to bring new solutions to broadcasters.


The first consumer NEXTGEN TV receivers have now reached retail and are starting to appear in consumer homes. With a dozen U.S. cities now hosting ATSC 3.0 broadcasts – and many more on the near horizon – learn how the consumer technology industry’s biggest names are using NEXTGEN TV to lure buyers.

Speaker Lineup

Paul Burke

Solution Architect

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE)
Nick Colsey

VP, Business Development

Sony Electronics
Jon Fairhurst

Principal Standards Engineer

Samsung Research America, Inc.
Madeleine Noland


Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)
John Taylor

Sr. VP of Public Affairs & Communications

LG Electronics
Oren Williams

Director, Commercial Partners & Standards

Dolby Laboratories
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