Our Promise to You

Because building your business is our business.


For nearly a century there has been only one global event fueling the content economy. A place that fosters the convergence of industries to elevate the art and business of storytelling. An essential destination that is synonymous with next-generation technology, thought leadership and inspiration. A powerful gathering so woven into the DNA of the industry that it draws together more than 90,000 media and entertainment professionals every year.

We are dedicated to delivering meaningful connections year-round – in person and now online via NAB Amplify – expanding your reach to new customers and emerging markets.   Building your business is our business. We take this responsibility seriously; it is important that we continue to grow with you and propel this industry forward. 

  • Together we unite a diverse community — from content creation to consumption – empowered by your solutions to inform, educate and entertain audiences everywhere.
  • Together we power NAB’s mission to secure a thriving future for America’s broadcasters of today and tomorrow.
  • Together we champion innovation – from concept to best-in-breed solutions — to create a vibrant marketplace for storytellers worldwide.
  • Together we bring content to life.

We are passionate about what we do and fiercely committed to the work we do with you. Nobody does it better. And we are better together.  

Thank you for the opportunity to support your success.

Showing Our Commitment

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Here are some examples of how we’re fulfilling our commitment to you.

Worry-Free Policies

We’ve updated our policies and processes to be more flexible and customer centric.

  • Payment Schedule: more flexible dates to support customers facing financial challenges
  • Refund Policy: more fair and favorable terms reflecting the continued uncertainty
  • Space Selection: reset the process to accommodate needs and preferences; we build the floorplan together

We strive to…

  • Be your primary strategic business partner
  • Deliver measurable results
  • Always be accountable to you
  • Extend your reach to emerging markets
  • Accelerate your sales cycle
  • Enhance your integrated marketing strategy
  • Aim for Above & Beyond
  • Listen
  • Respect every viewpoint
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Deliver a quality audience
  • Leverage insight and data
  • Price fairly
  • Recognize and award innovation
  • Offer fair and practical policies
  • Make it enjoyable
  • Serve the interests of NAB members, partners and exhibitors holistically
  • Re-invest for our collective future