Intelligent Content


This is where content gets personal. Here you’ll find industry-wide transformation enabling customized, immersive content. This is the place for people who want to automate production, harness data to enrich user experience and engage new business models to drive reach. Want to experiment with the technologies shaping the future of how we work? Want to advance creativity, predict viewership or save time and money? Whatever you seek, you’ll discover it here.

Key trends include:

  • Use of AI and automation in driving production efficiencies
  • Use of data and analytics to inform business strategy
  • Leveraging myriad data points collected in content production process


NABIQ: Conceptualize a metaverse content pitch to secure funding

If you had unlimited funds, what content would you create for the metaverse? During this 90-minute facilitated challenge, you’ll delve into this question and design solutions with your peers. Each workshop will accommodate up to five teams of six participants each (paired at random) who will compete for the winning solution.


On the Main Stage: Why the M&E Industry Should Think Like a Freak


Join “Freakonomics” co-authors Stephen Dubner and Dr. Steven Levitt as they share their thoughts and anecdotes to help us think like a freak following one of the most transformative periods in our industry’s history. Since first published in 2005, “Freakonomics” and its multiple follow ups, documentaries and wildly popular podcast have kept the world entertained and informed with quirky, irreverent and unconventional economics-driven takes on many topics. 


A diverse menu of sessions decoding Intelligent Content is yours to pick and choose from. Explore the trends and topics shaping the future of our industry.


Experience curated conferences with a decidedly forward-looking focus. Learn how our industry is transitioning through the ongoing incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Explore New Experiential Zones

Sports Betting: Next Level Fan Engagement

Sunday, April 24

As legal sports betting continues its rapid expansion, the next level of fan engagement will be driven by businesses that can leverage data and analytics to further enhance the audience experience. We’ve already seen movement in this direction with the integration of on-screen sports betting data and introduction of data channels focused exclusively on sports betting.

Intelligent Conversations: What Does Intelligent Content Mean for Content Creation?

Sunday, April 24

How can Intelligent Content and new technologies assist us in producing content? We all know that content creation is a time-consuming and collaborative endeavour. And it can be prohibitively expensive. How can Intelligent content, (A.I., Machine Learning, Automation, Data Analytics etc.) make our lives easier in one of the most hard-working, labor-intensive and costly industries there is? And how can it directly help us in our creative endeavors?

Intelligent Conversations: What Does Intelligent Content Mean for Connecting With Your Audience?

Monday, April 25

How do we utilize Intelligent Content to locate and reach our potential consumers? In a wildly different landscape with multiple outlets for content delivery (that increase all the time) how do we target and find our viewers? We will be discussing the ways in which Intelligent Content can help us engage our audiences and find them (and help them find our content) in a crowded landscape.

The Media Rating Council Re-enters the Spotlight

Tuesday, April 26

Chartered by Congress in the 1960s, the Media Rating Council, or MRC, received industry-wide attention in September when it suspended its accreditation of Nielsen’s TV audience measurement services following the undercounting of TV audiences during the height of the COVID pandemic. In this Q&A, representatives from the “sheriff of Nielsen” will discuss its role in the audience measurement ecosystem, the renewed public scrutiny of audience measurement services and its perspective on new measurement techniques covering both traditional and digital media.

Personalize Your Content

Why is INTELLIGENT CONTENT a key destination — along with the CREATE, CONNECT and CAPITALIZE pillars — at the 2022 NAB Show? Because it has become a real, transformational element of today’s media and entertainment ecosystem, with practical applications all across the content value chain.

INTELLIGENT CONTENT is relevant and important to your business. Whether you’re ready for it or not, it is the future. Perhaps that sounds like a bold statement, but if you look at the modern media business, you already see Intelligent Content everywhere, in broadcast, OTT and all manner of digital and social platforms.