NAB Show is Moving to October 2021. Read the full announcement here.

Schedule News Conference

Planning a news briefing during NAB Show? Host a news conference in the NAB Show Press Briefing Room, N242.

To reserve the room, Exhibitors must complete the News Conference Scheduling Form, which will be available soon. Early registration is encouraged.

Form coming soon!

The News Conference Room, available for one-hour slots beginning on each hour, comes equipped with the following:

  • Podium
  • (1) Podium Microphone
  • (2) Table Microphones
  • (1) Aisle Microphone
  • (1) Audio Mixer
  • (1) VGA Switcher
  • (1) LCD Projector
  • (1) 6′ x 10’8″ screen
  • (1) Wireless Remote for Computer
  • (1) Computer Audio Hookup
  • Row seating

Exhibitors can promote press events taking place outside of the Press Briefing Room. Send the following details to Becca Trate to have the event listed on the online News Conference Schedule:

  • Company
  • Booth Number
  • Company PR Contact
  • Event Location
  • Date
  • Time

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