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NAB Show Conference: CONNECT Track

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CONNECT. Content for engineers, technologists, implementers, coders and geeks

Learn how to set standards, make decisions, drive reach and attract killer talent. It’s all about on air, online and on-the-go cloud computing and infrastructure pushing the boundaries of engineering and delivery.

This track will be home to legacy faves like Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference (BEIT) and SMPTE’s Future of Cinema (FoCC).

This year’s FoCC program will focus on “Transcending Today’s Theatrical and Entertainment Experiences”: Future entertainment spaces for compelling cinematic and immersive experiences may look vastly different than the venues of today. They will likely far exceed the sensory capabilities of today’s most advanced theaters. The resulting experiences will push the boundaries for imaging, expand across different platforms, enable extended reality, allow participants to feel the sound, and completely envelop the audience in the story. The technologies required to bring this future to life are not only achievable, they are happening today – providing the building blocks for revolutionizing the storytelling experiences.

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