FMC Apple Training, Certification & Innovation Theater

Produced by FMC, the Theater will feature daily, afternoon sessions on Apple’s recent innovations as well as the introduction of Apple’s new Final Cut Pro Training and Certifications program. Sessions will be presented by Apple Certified Instructors and power users and may include topics such as:

  • Remote Podcast and Livestream Production
  • 10 must-know tips for working in Final Cut Pro
  • Bringing Stills to Life or I like to move it, move it!
  • Travel Tips: How the Apple Ecosystem Fits Your On the Go Lifestyle
  • iPhone to Final Cut Pro: Workflows, Techniques and Tips

Anyone with these certifications can confidently prove their expertise within the Final Cut Pro ecosystem and show their ability to meet the demands of today’s professional editing industry. If you are a creative professional looking to advance your career and add a competitive advantage to your portfolio, Final Cut Pro certifications can make a difference. All attendees who visit the booth will be eligible for a $50 discount to use on the online certification exam.

Produced in partnership with

  • FMC