March 23, 2022

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NAB Show Launches Web3 National Advisory Council

Council will advise Show organizers on addressing next era of media

Washington, D.C. — NAB Show, the premier event for media, entertainment and technology professionals, today announced the formation of a National Advisory Council for Web3. The Council will provide guidance and expertise on developing relevant education content around the implications of new technologies, content models and consumer behaviors driven by the next generation of the Internet. The 12-member group includes media and entertainment professionals, technology executives and platform providers from across the media landscape.

Web3 is the next iteration of the World Wide Web that reflects an evolving infrastructure with advanced capabilities powered by blockchain technology and enhanced through artificial intelligence.

The Council will provide insight for NAB Show’s executive team on a broad range of business-critical topics for media companies and their partners as they navigate new content platforms, the evolution of television, new IP-based assets, live events, audio, publishing, and physical and digital gaming experiences. On a bi-monthly basis, the group will advise NAB on these issues and provide a valuable third-party perspective on how NAB Show can best serve the community in understanding related business, market and industry trends.

The Council will be led by two-time Emmy winner and longtime media advisor Seth Shapiro, managing partner of D[a]2: Digital Asset Advisors, who will serve as the Council’s chair; NAB Show’s Meghan Nodell, director, Strategic Partnerships and Programming at National Association of Broadcasters; and Lori H. Schwartz, CEO, StoryTech, a longtime industry strategist and leading NAB Show program curator who will serve as the Council’s engagement officer.

To learn more about the National Advisory Council and to see a full list of members, visit:

“The Internet has transformed the media industry more than anything since the mass rollout of television 75 years ago,” said Shapiro. “As streaming and mobile have defined this era, Web3 technologies will drive the next models of media development, production, and economics. I’m honored to work with this outstanding group of leaders to assist NAB in leveraging this exciting new era.”

“It literally takes a village to drive new ideas, new business models and new infrastructure, to power the future of media and entertainment in a very real way,” said Schwartz. “There’s no better place to do this right now than through the NAB Show community.”

“NAB has a long history of helping our constituents embrace and support meaningful innovation,” said Chris Brown, NAB executive vice president and managing director, Global Connections and Events. “We are delighted with the outstanding group Seth and Lori have brought together, and we look forward to working with them closely in the years ahead.”

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