NAB Show Cares Program

Increase your ROI and enjoy significant savings with NAB Show Cares Exhibitor Programs.

Now you can spend less on Show Services and more on promoting products and generating leads.

The purpose of NAB Show Cares is to:

  • Identify top exhibitor pain points through extensive exhibitor input and data analytics
  • Develop and implement innovative – even transformative solutions — to reduce exhibitor costs and improve the experience
  • Provide communication, education and support to ensure exhibitors are aware of and take advantage of new solutions
  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of new solutions and adapt to ensure continuous improvement

Below are some programs that can help you save money and increase your ROI:


No Surprise Electrical Outlet Pricing

The price of an outlet will include the materials and floor work labor associated with the installation and removal of that outlet. In addition, NAB Show is excited to announce a special low rate of just $74.59 for a 120v, 500 watt, 5 AMP outlet. This new rate is exclusively available to exhibitors with inline booth spaces of 10’ x 40’ or less.

No Surprises

Hanging Signs Made Easy! Inclusive Rigging Pricing

NAB Show Cares is pleases to announce Inclusive Rigging Pricing, in which the rigging crew rate is inclusive of rigging supplies.

Hanging Signs

Unlimited Material Handling

A lower cost fixed fee that’s simple and easy-to-budget Exhibitors will collectively save more than 40%! Plus, the experience just got easier.

In 2019, NAB Show launched unlimited material handling to all Exhibitors who purchase exhibit space at NAB Show.

For a rate of just $3.85/sq.ft., Exhibitors receive unlimited material handling to and from the loading dock. This new, simple, fixed rate plan, covers any and all items you bring into the show – regardless of quantity, weight or volume. Additional fees apply to Advanced Warehouse Storage and Off Target Rates.

See more details on how to get the most out of this program below.

Unlimited Material Handling

Maximize This Program

  • Ship more products. Since material handling fees are included, go ahead and display more products and equipment so attendees can see and experience them in action.
  • Ship direct to show site and materials will be delivered to your booth. (Please note shipping to the Advanced Warehouse is an additional fee and is not included in the unlimited material handling package.)

Eliminate Hassle

  • No need to make several trips to hand carry items. Instead, get a cart and assistance transporting your goods to your booth space.
  • No more time spent trying to figure out confusing fee structures and complicated schedules to avoid overtime and special handling charges. With the new unlimited material handling, these surcharges no longer exist.
  • Auditing show invoices to ensure charges are accurate are a thing of the past. The new set rates are easy to calculate and paid in advance with your space fees