Andrew Shulkind


Andrew Shulkind is an award-winning cinematographer known as much for his seamless integration of visual effects and innovative technologies as for his refined and painterly use of lighting.  Until 2014, Andrew worked solely in feature film and broadcast advertising for studios and clients such as Paramount, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Apple, Adidas, AT&T, Budweiser, Google, Old Spice and Samsung.

Known for finding new ways of bringing stories to life, Andrew is on the leading edge of virtual reality content creation and cinematic, virtual reality capture technology. He was hired to shoot one of the earliest commercial VR projects and tapped his experience photographing 3D, miniatures and visual effects-heavy content to build a 32K RAW, 360˚ VR camera rig for the project. The rig remains the highest resolution, professional grade VR acquisition devise on the market.

Andrew continues to design VR camera arrays and consults with advertisers, brands, studios and the US military to strategize execution and implementation of both VR and mixed reality content and to explore new forms of acquisition such as volumetric capture and light field photography.  He is often called upon to beta test new products, but still relishes shooting traditional projects where he can refine his use of classic filmmaking tools. 

Andrew began his formal career as a Kodak/Panavision PreView System technician liaising between top cinematographers and film laboratories.  He moved up quickly to camera assistant and then camera operator for such masters as Darius Khondji, Janusz Kaminski, Don Burgess, and Emmanuel Lubeszki.

Andrew received the International Cinematographer’s Guild Emerging Cinematographer Award in 2013, Studio Daily Prime Award in 2014, and the Studio Daily Top 50 Award for Creativity and Innovation in 2016.  He has been profiled in American Cinematographer, British Cinematographer, TechCrunch, Shoot Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Studio/Daily and ICG Magazine. His work has screened at the Cannes Lions, Camerimage, AFI Fest and Cannes, Toronto and Los Angeles Film Festivals.

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