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Bill Baggelaar is the Senior Vice-President of Technology for Production and Post-Production at Sony Pictures, where he is helping the studio to forge the future in digital film and TV production and post by utilizing next generation workflows, tools and techniques, as well as mastering, content processing and downstream distribution and archiving technologies.

He joined the company in 2011, focusing his efforts on streamlining 4k and 2k workflows from on-set capture to post-production for DI and mastering. He has been instrumental in driving the transition from tape-based video to the file-based world of IMF (Interoperable Master Format) for UltraHD and HD. Bill has led the team at Sony Pictures to help Sony Electronics develop the world’s first 4k video service, Sony’s 4K Video Unlimited. Sony Pictures now has over 250 titles (and counting) finished as UHD IMFs.

Previously he worked at Warner Bros. Studios for 13 years in feature animation, vfx, DI and video mastering. He holds a BS in Computer Science, is a SMPTE member and represents the studio in various industry technical organizations.


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