Bradley Albert


About the Contributor:

“Brad Albert likes the unusual and he’s good at it” -Stamford Advocate.

Bradley Albert is the CMO & Co-Founder of Azimyth, a next generation content studio. He is also an immersive visionary and world-class dancer.

Prior to founding Azimyth,Brad was a marketing executive for over 10 years and has developed strategies for some of the most successful companies in the market. From Lotus to Ludacris he helped shape the language of modern brand naming.

Azimyth just completed filming an immersive and inspirational journey exploring three African nations that are changing their communities through the ingenuity of private citizens. Witness Rwanda confronting genocide through performance, Obama’s historic speech in Kenya (the first time a US president has been filmed in VR), and the chaotic hustle on a Nigerian Nollywood set.

VR is like the wild wild west and the competition needs to be collaborative. Brad knows that not only do we have to cowboy up, we have to tell stories and this small community has to work together to bring the power of VR to the world.

Brad graduated with a degree in Organizational Behavior and Management from Brown University.


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