Chick Foxgrover


Chick Foxgrover leads the outreach to digital professionals in advertising, focusing on the discovery of important advances in digital marketing technology and practices. He also develops digital strategy for the 4A’s, overseeing the management of the association’s important knowledge assets and serves 4A’s members with digital insights and best practices. Chick joined the association in 2008 as Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, with responsibility for information technology, digital strategy and practice as well as overseeing the upgrade and modernization of the association’s technology and digital presence. He brought together the expanding community of creative and digital technologists with the creation of the 4A’s Creative Technology Committee and in 2011, spearheaded the launch of CreateTech, the premier annual conference focused on the rapidly advancing field of creative technology. Chick also speaks at other technology conferences and works with technology and future-oriented organizations on behalf of the association and the industry. Previous to joining the 4A’s, Chick was senior vice president and managing director of Interactive, Wechsler Ross & Partners; vice president and director of Creative Technologies, Foote Cone & Belding, New York; and manager of Desktop Publishing Technologies for Citibank. He also cofounded Foxpath IND, a digital publishing consultancy.

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