James Neihouse Asc


James Neihouse, ASC, a native of Arkansas, earned a Bachelor’s degree from Brooks Institute and began his career at Marine Photographic Associates, which specialized in underwater photography. There, he worked on OCEAN, the first IMAX underwater film. Hooked on the big format, Neihouse became a member of the IMAX Space Team in 1984 and has since worked on more than two dozen IMAX films including many space-themed projects, among them The Dream is Alive, To Be an Astronaut, Hail Columbia, Space Station 3D, and Hubble 3D. His work often includes training astronauts on how to capture the stunning imagery and planning the unique logistics of such shoots. Among his many honors and awards is the Hubble 25th Anniversary Commendation, “for contributions that rival the best that NASA has achieved in innovation and overcoming challenges.”

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