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[ 00:00:19 ] Sling Media which was acquired by Dish Network back in 2008. Pioneered over-the-top television right through their revolutionary Slingbox and it was due to the vision of our. Executive Council that understood the long term benefit of a platform like that right. Who knew that you could take your content from your television provider and treatment worldwide to your cell phone or your desktop and without paying any incremental cost. Right. And you talked about what a target we became I think both from a litigious standpoint and technically that’s when everyone started trying to figure out how to enable mobile devices to take your content and consume it the way you want to. So we set the groundwork but I also think that we’ve embraced being the target in the industry because it’s allowed us to leapfrog into platforms such as Sling TV. Right. We’re not tied to the satellite delivery network. We are also able to look at the benefits of doing a pure play so that the cord cutters the cord nevers.

[ 00:01:24 ] We have an answer for them that isn’t tied to your residential household or a traditional subscription service. We were able to negotiate our presence in that value chain of content creation and the monetization of content delivery. Very It was it was innovative because the technology benefited both the consumer.

[ 00:01:55 ] And the content creator and the broadcasters. We have. Met data that we’re acquiring we are able to in some ways offer value both up and down stream. And I think that has in many ways helped lower the things I would say from our other partners and allowing us to have conversations both ways. We’ve been able to I think monetize.

[ 00:02:29 ] Innovate and utilize various value streams for better data on every aspect of our platform from a satellite perspective. It helps in contract negotiations in terms of. Who is watching what. How much are they watching. Are they are they purchasing the products that are advertised during that content. All of that information is so valuable and it has opened doors for us on satellite on OTTF delivery and we continue to leverage our platform to look for ways to continue amassing. That data. And the reason it is so valuable to our partners is because it’s real it’s not a sampling it’s not assumed there are very little extrapolations that go on. It is the true data. And so that. Coupled with our desire to be innovative and go into new revenue sharing opportunities has just been the sweet spot for us. Our. Method data aggregation. Parameters are just more detail. Like I said I’m not going to you know name competitors directly but I will say that because we are taking. Real user viewing habit. We are able to make. Conjecture. We’re able to use that data and leverage it in ways that other partners cannot. And and again it’s not extrapolated. There’s no box sampling throughout the United States. It’s however many millions of subscribers there are watching our content there or are able to create and utilize it. And it’s anonymised right. I don’t there’s no. Privacy concerns here it’s anonymize it is managed appropriately but it also helps us to talk to our partners about how their content is being viewed what’s best for our subscribers and it has helped I think right now we’ve pivoted less from the technology standpoint it’s more survivable and going where the market’s going right.

[ 00:04:57 ] Our satellite television platform has always been traditional subscriber based platform. And when we saw the cord cutting the over-the-top which we did pioneer right with our Slingbox But when we saw the way the market was going and the way people were consuming content. It was our thought that we need to also play in that platform rather than lose the subscriber. Let’s give them what they’re looking for. So so the birth of sleen TV the other avenue and the reason I’m so excited and get up in the morning is about selling studio which also has the brand name but it’s more. It is a multi camera prosumer device that offers portability wireless capability for the production enthusiasts like yourself who want to create content on the fly live streaming and offer it to those same types of viewers who want to consume their content.

[ 00:05:56 ] Now the way they want to write.

[ 00:06:07 ] No I don’t think we’re leaps and bounds Slingbox was revolutionary per our discussion. I will say that today though it is it is it is necessary for you to offer media and you see all of our competitors doing it offering content on various platforms based on the fragmented customer base. So I wouldn’t say we’re leaps and bounds. We certainly see we read the tea leaves and we we responded but much like our competitors did the value add is we’re going down market and I’m speaking of selling studio particularly we have taken the engineering know how you talk about Slingbox. We’ve taken that engineering know how we’ve taken 35 years of set top box engineering and put it into a product that is. Consumer friendly easy to use value base for less than $2000 you can create a production quality content that’s consumable on social media which we know is huge. And any other platform that you want to use right. I’ve got high end producers such as yourself who are using it to broaden their scope. Of how they capture content who they’re talking to and the. Financials associated with that right all the way to your small church who wants to figure out how we live stream to reach our flock and they are able to use it. So slate studio talks to all ends of that marketplace. But it is borne out of years of engineering expertise that is selling Dish Network and EchoStar people are seeking us out of this show because it fits their niche and we hear. Varied stories all day on how this works. I’ve got a professor out of India who wants to distribute these values in studios to all of the classrooms to. Produce high quality educational content to distribute. We’re seeing the small church provider come and say I need to figure out how to wait to enable my mission trip. And figure out how to capture that content and a high quality fashion so that I can gain more parishioners. The corporate corporate applications in terms of training. So. What you’re saying and what is at the helm of all of this is. High quality low production cost. Quick to market content that needs to happen right social media is redefining. You talk about this for Idiocracy. I believe that social media is also adding a. An urgency to that because people want to get the content out there because that is so important to their platforms to get the word out there marketing messages etc.. We are looking at opportunities for monetizing that we’re exploring. We’re still in the early stages we’re really excited about the hardware and the platform that is selling studio because we’re learning right. And yes there are additional monetization opportunities but I also think that there are opportunities that we haven’t thought of and the more we talk to our base we’re still a young product and we’re getting great user feedback and reception. And so part of our job here and continuing forward is learning how are people enabling our technology on their platforms. And where are the other value products for us throughout that so not yet but there’ll be more to come. Sling studio and our value proposition speaks to many verticals house of worship education sports corporate and you talk about the proliferation of social media Facebook LinkedIn YouTube. Slings studio allows the unexperienced social media platform user to leverage those platforms in a seamless way. It’s cost effective. It is easy to use but it does give you high production. Value. And in those markets those verticals that I talked about it resonates with each of them differently. Your parishioner may not have a clue how to log into his Facebook account but. His you know part time videographer in the back of the sanctuary can have it up in minutes. We’ve heard stories where it has helped them evangelize out to the marketplace from an education perspective. We’ve had teachers talk about how they can offer studio to their students. It’s easy to use. There used to be I’ve had iPhone interface content can be easily captured via your cell phone and it enables low cost consumption or low cost production into a high quality video platform. So it. Is meeting the juncture of the growth of social media. And. The need for high quality content. And enabling those partners to utilize both to to.

[ 00:11:47 ] Forward their businesses and application.

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