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[ 00:00:19 ] Jim Chory and I were awarded the first created in New York award. Which was quite an honor given that while we were out here shooting there’s a whole bunch of other people doing the same things. To be selected as the first one. We selected it all. It’s a really heavy award. I can tell you that it’s made out of glass and has a base and it’s Super Bowl. And it was really cool. I think just having an opportunity to recognize. Not our work but the work of the people that got us there. I think one of the things that. Jim and I strive to do is to. Make everyone from. Whether it’s mobile television or it’s. Our partners at Netflix or it’s more of a corporate. Make them feel like they’re part of a creative process that’s. Sometimes. A runaway freight train. And in other days one of those trains that stalled in the station and you’re trying to figure out how to get to an appointment. And then also for us to be able to celebrate. The cruise the cast the people of New York the people in Brooklyn and where we have our main stage is. You know. To be able to be honored for something called created in New York. Means that we have to take all the other creators rather than just the two of us and the extraordinary partnership that we’ve had with the city. And we said this a lot which is that there are.

[ 00:02:12 ] Four defenders which are daredevil Jessica Jones Luke Cage and iron fist. But there really has always been a defender and that’s the city of New York. And whether that’s. Harlem or whether that’s Staten Island or whether or not it’s up in the Bronx or downtown or the. Rooftops or. Down on the subways or out on the docks. I mean we’re just shooting everywhere. All the time often simultaneously to units that are in two completely different. Decisions that we have to make every day just purely on our own which is you know you want to get out of the dock at midnight or do you want to stay here on the stage and be done at. 5:00. Well I think I’ll take the stage job. So it’s it’s that ongoing and it’s just been something that was a dream that we had. Three years ago and now we are closing in on about 130 hours. Of television which is in so many ways mindblowing. I mean at. The sort of break it down comes out to about an episode a week that we’re. Writing and producing.

[ 00:03:26 ] Going to post delivering and then putting up on television. So it’s. And none of it. Possible without all the extraordinary people talking. Well I think if I knew it’s like a magic trick and it no longer. Is magic it’s just a. Have with.

[ 00:03:57 ] A false bottom and a rabbit stuck in the bottom by the way that’s a spoiler if you don’t know how the trick is done. Look I’ve been a storyteller my whole life I started out as a. As a screenwriter and and became a comic writer and then became a television writer and. I think all of those things came from. Wanting to tell stories that people would like and you you never know when you step off the curb. And say. Hey. You know. Matt Murdock stepped off the curb whether or not you’re going to get hit by a bus or whether or not you’re going to be something that’s going to be. 30 40 50. Episodes later and.

[ 00:04:43 ] All you can do is just tell the best story you can work with the best people you can try to have fun. I think it’s important. I think people see it somehow. Even if it’s. The most serious drama in the world. If they feel like you’re having fun they’re having fun too. And. It’s just about. How people like it. And if they like it yet more and if they don’t. You told their story. One of the things that Jim and I are very. Good about. Is just being really practical. You know not every. Television shows a hit. Not every novel is a bestseller. Not every movie is a box office smash. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put your passion behind it. And believe in it. And. In the case of the shows that we’re talking about. We’re enormously helped by the city of New York to make those things into a reality while the first part of it is is that we try to find the best home for where our property is going to go and the people who believe in us.

[ 00:05:55 ] Just the same way that we bring passionately hope that they bring passion. Netflix has done that with us. But the hard part of the story is that nobody really remembers is that three years ago. Netflix was what Netflix. And you know they were the company that sent you those red envelopes that had DVDs inside of them and they had. House of cards in. The New Black and Lilyhammer. And. When we went in to see them we said look. We need 60 hours. We need to commit to five television series right now without. Any show runners any scripts. And he cast but we have these characters in the big red Marvel block. And. If we do that. We’ll give you five great shows and that’s turned into. Multiple seasons of those characters and a new character in the Punisher and. And the only promise that we made was that we thought that we could do better than Lilyhammer. And that’s not an insult to anybody out there that loves Lilyhammer. We love the Amur but I think we did better than him. And. So we just keep getting to make a.

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