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[ 00:00:19 ] Well the way it works at the moment is for every season there is a team of three director centerfire and A.D that will work on usually two episodes at a time and you can have as many as five teams. So no it was not. Soon the talk of hers that will bounce between two production units which are full on camera lighting and grip teens and they can be located in Belfast for for one of them and then often the other one is a traveling unit.

[ 00:01:00 ] And basically the five teams jump back and forth between Belfast’s and say Spain or Iceland or whatever locations we’re shooting.

[ 00:01:16 ] Vantage in some ways of that is that you know the you do as a team. You know Dr. Palmer we all have that opportunity to prep a little bit more than you would normally.

[ 00:01:28 ] In fact a lot more than you normally get to for most television series so that preparation allows us to be able to execute very efficiently on this shitty day. Sheen days only 10 hours straight so there’s no overtime. Generally speaking. And so it will obviously have a tight window because we are so well perhaps we can really bang through the day and also be very efficient in terms of the equipment that we need because we’ve already reviewed it and we’re not suddenly looking for a piece of equipment that we don’t have because we want to change the shot. So we’re pretty. By the time the prep is done it’s pretty tight.

[ 00:02:22 ] Mostly what you know it’s mostly the director and it’s hard for along with the prepping how they’re going to shoot the days work and what order we’re going to shoot it in.

[ 00:02:35 ] You see it was either shot last or if it’s were so sophisticated in the visual effects sequence or whatnot and that’s entirely storyboarded and probably previews as well. So you know again that’s part of it is pretty well planned when it comes to more regular dramatic scenes if you will be having the flexibility of the actor figuring out you know working with the blocking you feel those kind of scenes would be a little bit more free in terms of interpretation on the day but for the most part it’s it’s you know much of what we’re doing now is more prepared.

[ 00:03:26 ] Not really.

[ 00:03:27 ] I mean it’s sort of I mean it’s a different thing in the sense of I see a movie where you you you prep for prep and prep and prep and then you go for you know six eight weeks or more stuff to start. But in general it’s a you know you you follow your plan and again the most effective thing is that we shoot our own episodes so we’re keeping continuity within our episode rather than say however always treat me in Belfast and some part of her all the in Spain you have a true story being told in advance by a team of people. You know this is one of those experiences of a lifetime honestly. And you know the camaraderie and the teamwork that is specifically with us similar topper’s together. It’s an unusual experience and a wonderful one.

[ 00:04:35 ] I probably will have an opportunity like this again but I’m very grateful that I have it.

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