Jonathan Rothbart


Jonathan Rothbart has been a member of the Visual Effects community since 1995, when he joined Industrial Light & Magic in the art department. While at ILM, he was one of the founding members of the Rebel Mac Unit. During that time, he created many memorable shots on a number of features, including “Star Trek: First Contact”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Men in Black” and “Star Wars: Episode 1”. 

Rothbart left ILM in 2000 and co-founded the San Francisco and Los Angeles based company, The Orphanage. As the leader of The Orphanage VFX team, Rothbart supervised the creation of hundreds of visual effects for features such as “Hellboy”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, “Superman Returns”, “Live Free Die Hard” and “Iron Man”. In “Iron Man” he lead a team of artists to create the look for the HUD environment in Tony Stark’s helmet. Additionally, he designed and supervised the iconic tank explosion sequence in the film. Rothbart has been nominated and won numerous awards for his work on both feature film and television VFX. 

Since 2010, Rothbart has continued his career as an independent VFX Supervisor, most recently creating the effects for the critically-acclaimed, box office hit, “Deadpool”, he has been a regular contributor to Cinefex, including the upcoming issue featuring “Deadpool”.

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