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Jonathan has been actively involved in emerging media for nearly twenty years, and has been an innovator in media research for over a decade. Jonathan directs research and analytics across both TiVo’s core DVR and advanced television platform business and TiVo Research and Analytics (TRA), a wholly owned subsidiary of TiVo focused on measurement and optimization of media efficiency. He joined TiVo in December, 2011 as Vice President, Product & Business Development for TiVo’s Audience Research & Measurement group, where he worked to expand and update TiVo’s groundbreaking Stop||Watch and Power||Watch audience measurement products.

Prior to TiVo, Jonathan managed the design and deployment of the AT&T AdWorks / comScore cross-media (TV+online+mobile) research effort ( In 2009, he co-founded what is now Aerify Media (, a digital media buying platform (DSP); from 2005-2008 he build and managed the Media / Entertainment / Technology practice at Iconoculture (, a future-focused consumer insights and advisory firm. In 2003, Jonathan founded Anonymous Media Research, where he developed patented single-source crossmedia audience measurement tools based on audio fingerprinting / pattern matching technology (US patents 8,296,791 and 8,510,768, issued 10/23/2012 and 8/13/2013, respectively; others pending).

From 1993-2003, Jonathan spent ten years as an entrepreneur and consultant in the emerging Internet business, initially in San Francisco. in 1993 he co-founded Hotwired, the first banner-ad-supported Website from Wired magazine. He also cofounded Cyborganic (, a (too-)early social media startup. In 1995 he joined the launch team at CNET (, the first integrated Web / TV programming venture. He then joined the pioneering online community the WELL (, where he led product development of a Web-based online community tool. In 1997 he joined Scient as a strategy consultant; by 2001 he had moved to New York and was leading Scient’s eMarkets team, responsible for building venture-funded startups, for the eastern US. Jonathan left Scient in 2001 to join Sawyer Media Systems, a venture-funded online video production and digital asset management platform startup.

Jonathan holds a Ph.D. in Communication Theory and Research from Stanford University (1995) and an A.B. in Philosophy from Harvard College (1988). He is the author of a still-widely-cited paper on virtual reality (“Defining Virtual Reality: Dimensions Determining Telepresence“). Jonathan originally hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently lives in the East Village of New York City with his wife, two daughters and two cats.


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