Kylee Pena


Originally from the Midwest, Kylee spent six years as an editor in Indianapolis and Atlanta, working on projects ranging from PBS shows to independent films. She then branched out into post production technology in Los Angeles, applying her knowledge of a working editorial department to the technical and creative aspects of workflow design on shows like CBS’s Scorpion and Jane the Virgin on The CW. A Women in Film member, Kylee is also an advocate for gender equality in post, having spoken on the topic on numerous podcasts, in classrooms, and at the National Association of Broadcasters conference.

Kylee participated in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women (Script to Screen) at Barnard College in 2013, and holds degrees in video production and applied computer science from Indiana University and Purdue University. She is an associate editor for, writing about industry news and interviewing notable film personalities. She is also a board member for the Blue Collar Post Collective, an accessible and focused grassroots initiative supporting emerging talent in post production.

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