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[ 00:00:19 ] Sure. So if you look at WB It’s the classic protagonist and an antagonist and the storyline continues through Ron and the programming. One of the things I’ll say is when we look at the overall technology landscape and what we do there’s a lot of things that were intertwining. So one is the explosion of social media. So if you follow our shows or Raw Smackdown or are our marquee events like wrestle mania you’ll consistently see things about Twitter trending topics we’ve really intertwined social media with WB and if we start looking at our programming we know we have our live events.

[ 00:00:56 ] We have Ron Smackdown running but we carry that story line continuously through social media through short phone video content on YouTube. And we’ve done a great job in my opinion of intertwining that storytelling and using technology to help enable that. Sure if you look at me you know our content is you know I’ll say we’re klap agnostic and we know our fans are everywhere and we Devizes the content strategy to help us manage that.

[ 00:01:29 ] So if we look at the social media and the digital side that’s our or our free ad supported piece so you can go to YouTube and watch schwere form content. You can go to Facebook and Paolo’s stories you get a snapshot or you can go to Instagram and we’ve done a lot to leverage that. So you have a huge fan base from that perspective.

[ 00:01:46 ] And then you go into the Trishul TV model so we should be our flagship shows Ron Smackdown globally in 20 languages in the U.S. it’s on USA Network. And we have a strong fan base there and then you continue to go down there you have the WB network where we really super serve in our marquee events is wrestle mania and summer slam are streamed live there along with seven thousand hours of P.O.D. programming.

[ 00:02:09 ] So when you look at that strategy of taking our content and putting in all these different tiers the analytics is so boring for that. So we spent a lot of time and leveraging technology to really understand our fans and understand that to be subscribers to make sure we can provide a personalized experience for each one of them.

[ 00:02:33 ] Sure we launched her over-the-top service call it network in early February of 2014. Today you know looking at parks associates is the fifth largest network in the United States. We’re really excited about the growth that we’ve seen in the network and we think there’s a lot of opportunity going forward. You know the thought process behind that ad when we looked at the market in late 2013 we looked at the double to be fanned. We saw that it was a tech forward group. Tech savvy a lot of in-home broadband connectivity and we really saw the where the world was going with direct to consumer identity.

[ 00:03:06 ] And so we took that leap in early 2014 and launched the service.

[ 00:03:16 ] So we go back to where the fan is. So we have our flagship programming which again it gets young children it gets it gets adults it gets people really family consumption watching Raw or Smackdown. But in addition we are going where we know the future of the WB fan is so snapshot. Instagram we’re tailoring content specifically for those platforms and we want to make sure we’re creating an all encompassing content strategy whether it’s social media whether it’s TV or whether it’s over the top.

[ 00:03:44 ] We know our fans consume content each one of those areas where they’re the WB network today’s mobile you know were available across the globe today.

[ 00:03:59 ] Our marquee programming we distribute our content globally. So Ron Smackdown are available in over 180 markets today in 20 different languages. And then when we go back to that short form content YouTube Facebook and so on that’s valuable globally for everybody. So we look at a lot of things of a market look at localization and language.

[ 00:04:17 ] And we really try to tailor experience for our fans globally.

[ 00:04:26 ] So we listen to our subscribers and we use analytics. We look at what features are working well. We keep an eye on what’s happening in the industry understanding where the expectation of our subscribers is of the service. One of our missions is to put smiles on people’s faces as part of the WB and we want to do that with the best consumer experience with that with the WB network as well.

[ 00:04:47 ] So we iterate we test that we learn and we continue to keep building vord.

[ 00:04:57 ] So I joined OPW in late 2013 and I was really excited about the opportunity to launch the RTT network. My background is always been in digital and I.T. and and growing up I was a huge fan of the brand and still am. I grew up watching the programming and I thought it was an amazing opportunity of taking something that I grew up watching and helping it to go to the next level.

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