Technology is Creative

Leading a global multimedia agency offers a brilliant opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of media partners. As a content producer, we get to contribute to our clients’ journey of maintaining success and relevancy for their audiences – online and on-air.

Today, Ruptly works with over a thousand media brands globally. It is incredibly rewarding to see footage provided by our journalists in international coverage across the world – resonating with a varied audience groups in multiple regions.

Getting to this point over the past five years, as “Change” and “Disruption” became the key words in the media landscape, has been a challenge. Yet it was the challenge that provided the most opportunities for the growth of our business, as clients across broadcast media attempted to engage, attract and develop new platforms for their brands, they required content and collaborative business relationships to offset this growth and scale new audiences. This allowed Ruptly to enter a market and scale a company globally as clients looked for alternative providers that had exclusive access in news hot spots, engaging content across light news verticals to drive traffic, new experiences in VR or delivery that needed to be on demand to social channels.

With the opportunity to learn first-hand from our partners, we saw a real demand in a content provider that is able to be flexible, agile and open to experimentation. For example, last year we have enabled dozens of media outlets to source and use 360 content for the first time as we introduced the format to our platform. Furthermore, we have launched a live streaming platform that offers an out of the box simple three step delivery method to client platforms, be it breaking news or fun viral content, this allowed us to be faster than the completion in delivery, and importantly offer lower cost. No longer do you need large scale budgets to go live across the world as a small or medium entity. This was an important step to attempt to level the market in terms of price points for small and medium clients. 

The platform lets users broadcast or stream multiple live events simultaneously, including lives in 360 degrees. 

I strongly believe that technology is creative. Simplifying the process for broadcasters and publishers, who otherwise would not have been as keen on introducing a new format to their coverage as easily as they did – is a result of a creative approach to developing technology.

All signs indicate that in the coming years the ability to experiment, adapt and stay flexible is going to become increasingly important for a healthy media business. There is definitely a responsibility on the video agencies to apply all that to content production, delivery and monetization models.

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