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Charting the Digital Transformation of the Broadcast Industry

Have you considered your organization’s evolution to digital maturity?

Have you asked yourself what drives reach? Will new tech and tools make our jobs easier?

And what’s the ROI?

The digital transformation of the broadcast, media and entertainment sector is the adoption of digital technology, delivery platforms and data analytics in response to changing customer behaviors that, in turn, drive customer value, organizational performance and innovation.

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This journey towards digital maturity impacts all aspects of the value chain, from ideation to content consumption. It creates bottom-line efficiencies as well as topline growth opportunities. It requires engaging content, new ways of working and a receptive organizational culture. A digital transformation represents a foundational change for media and entertainment organizations who were born into the analog world; for digital natives it requires them to embrace constant change.

To explore more about the roadmap to digital maturity, click the button below to visit NAB Amplify and download the white paper. The report ends with a recap and key takeaways to help serve as a future reference.


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