April 16-18, 2023 | Las Vegas Convention Center

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The NABiQ innovation series invites you to brainstorm and network with peers across the show.

Join forces with a team of industry professionals, innovators, and Gen Z students to tackle one of four exciting challenges facing media broadcasting, using design thinking techniques to turn your ideas into reality.

All NABiQ ideas are invited to be pitched on-stage during the Happy Hours on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoons at 4 p.m.

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Ahtziri Chavez majors in mass communication at the University of Montevallo and recently completed an internship with The World Games as an associate producer for CBS and ISB!

MK Bryant majors in mass communication at the University of Montevallo with a concentration in multimedia journalism, and is a contributing journalist for The Alabamian.

Josie Shaw is majoring in mass communication at the University of Montevallo, is the managing editor of production at The Alabamian, and enjoys activism and music!

Tyson Evans majors in Mass Communication at the University of Montevallo and following the premier of his short film at SideWalk Film Festival has launched a media company!

Kaitie Wayne is a Mass Communication student at the University of Montevallo, the president of UM’s BEA Club, and worked as an assistant broadcast-venue manager for ISB.

Rio Giancarlo majors in Visual Communication and Design at Seattle Pacific University and works as a photojournalist and sports photographer as well as photo editor for the student newspaper, The Falcon.

Sydney Lorton studies journalism and digital media at Seattle Pacific University and is passionate about visual storytelling including projects for The Falcon campus newspaper.

Aubrey Rhoadarmer majors in Journalism at Seattle Pacific University and is the producer and co-host of The Falcon Morning radio show, covering news, pop culture and campus life!


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Challenge Statements

Design the future of sustainable streaming

How might we reduce carbon emissions from growing server demand while ensuring a seamless streaming experience?

Why? Streaming viewers typically emit 100 grams of CO2 equivalent per hour – a rapidly growing problem factoring in the trend for multiple devices. 

What innovative solutions could minimize the environmental impact of streaming while ensuring a seamless and high-quality experience for users? 

Example Solutions: Best practice checklist, sustainable platform features, a zero-carbon workflow…

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How Do We Achieve Sustainability in Streaming?

Research: Video Production’s Carbon Footprint and the Way Forward

Create an enhanced immersive ad experience

How might we create a new immersive commercial experience, leveraging AI or alternative reality to engage viewers beyond traditional ad formats?

Why? 64% of US adults think TV adverts are invasive, but media broadcasters struggle to seamlessly integrate commercials with program content for a cohesive viewing experience.

What ideas could unlock innovative ways to reach viewers while effectively communicating advertisers’ messages and provide value to advertising partners?

Example solutions: new interactive ad formats to stimulating relevant conversations on social media, connected TV ad formats, product placement 4.0…

Amplify Insights 

Connected TV Opens Up a Million Ad Possibilities

Audiences Are Heading to FAST, But Will the Ad Dollars Follow?

Develop a creator-led nextgen approach for cine live productions

How might we adopt the best of human vs machine-made cinema techniques in live production to ensure an empowered creator-led future of media?

Why? Gartner has estimated that a 90% AI-generated blockbuster film will be released by 2030. As human and machine-made content merge, accurately attributing authorship becomes crucial to the future of the industry.

What new approaches could be imagined for a more inclusive and equitable media production of the future to distinguish the two and credit creators equitably?

Example Solutions: AI-content recognition tools, blockchain-based attribution systems, manifesto…

Amplify Insights 

AI-Generated Video Is Happening. So What Does That Mean?

How Synthetic Media Is Completely Changing … All Media

Invent a personalized viewing experience that’s pure magic

How might we unleash the full power of AI and data to create highly engaging, accurate and exciting content recommendations for viewers?

Why? Personalized recommendations boost viewer engagement by up to 50%. How can we creatively leverage data and AI to provide exciting personalization and reduce reliance on search?

What ideas will help shape the future of intelligent content to transform the viewing experience for audiences?

Example Solutions: New interactive formats, personalized viewing experiences, and hyper-targeted recommendations…

Amplify Insights 

How Creativity and Data Are a Match Made in Hollywood/Heaven

Is Recommendation Media the New Standard?

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