Celebrating 100 Years of NAB Show

New This Year

From conferences to workshops to awards, everything new this year for the Centennial Celebration.

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Your destination for Hollywood’s cinematic trends and techniques for production and post-production professionals seeking to expand creative and technical knowledge.

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AWS Partner Village

Check out the partner booths within the AWS CREATE Innovation Zone, CONNECT Experiential Zone, CAPITALIZE Experiential Zone and INTELLIGENT CONTENT Zone.

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AWS Learning Lounge

Get Hands-on Training and Learn from AWS Experts. From competitive gamified challenges to technical workshops — bring your laptop and get ready to participate!

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Conference Programming

Programming Everywhere

Programming Everywhere gathers industry leaders to talk about the evolving business of content creation and distribution, with a focus on new development, reinventing local and national news and extending media brands on streaming.

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Women Camera Operators Workshop (SOC)

Female operators with varying technical skills and from unique segments of production will discuss building a career, family and life balance and the benefits of being a female operator.

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Cranes, Motion & Movement Hands on Workshop (SOC)

This hands-on workshop is designed for camera operators of all levels who are interested in developing valuable, practical knowledge to refine their camera operating skills.

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DP Creative Conference

A 2-day training event that focuses on the range of techniques and best practices available to Cinematographers, Camera Operators, Owner Operators, Digital Imaging Techs, and other crew members in Camera and Sound

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Remote Production Conference

A multi-track training conference designed to promote more efficient remote production solutions. The conference offers 2 full days of sessions targeting producers, directors, DPs, production managers and those in post-production whose clients demand remote connectivity.

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Visual Storytelling Conference

This 2-day, multi-track training conference features immersive, engaging content with experienced photographers and content creators in the field.

Workshops & Courses

VR Production Workshop (FMC)

In this 2-day comprehensive workshop, attendees will be empowered with the appropriate tools, knowledge and hands-on experience required to create their next immersive masterpiece.

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Cinematic Video Lighting Workshop (FMC)

Discuss cinematographic techniques in lighting during a four-hour workshop crafted by an instructor with extensive expertise in film and television production.

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Cinematic Editorial Workshop (ACE)

A deep dive workshop to discuss the editorial craft and process behind notable cinematic projects of ACE members.

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Animation and Live Action Workshop (ACE)

Comprehensive discussion focusing on animation and live action, exploration of the craft of editing, career paths, working with the director and the editorial storytelling process.

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Awards Program

Excellence in Sustainability

Recognizing individuals, companies and products for outstanding innovations in media technology that promote conservation and reusability of natural resources and foster economic and social development.

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