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Creating a healthy and safe environment for all participants at NAB Show is a top priority. Masks are recommended (but not required) for all attendees, exhibitors, and staff at NAB Show. Taking a COVID-19 test within 48 hours of picking up your badge is also recommended.

We will continue to follow the safety recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD), the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and the state of Nevada and Clark County and other appropriate federal, state and local health organizations.

Effective Feb. 10, 2022, the State of Nevada lifted mask mandates, including in resorts and casinos, restaurants, bars, showrooms and meeting spaces.

Masks are still recommended for individuals who are not fully vaccinated, those with underlying health conditions and in healthcare facilities. Recommended masks include N95, K95, KN95, disposable surgical mask or a cloth mask.

The following health and safety measures will be in place during NAB Show:

  • Proper cleaning protocols, disinfection techniques and work practices are in place by the LVCC and NAB.
  • HVAC upgrades have been installed at the LVCC to allow for greater ventilation as well as the use of air filters with a quality rating of MERV 14 (hospital grade filtration system).
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available in public spaces, meeting room corridors, and food and beverage areas.
  • A free contact tracing mobile app, developed by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, is available and will notify anyone if they have likely been exposed to COVID-19.

If you have further questions about the Health and Safety measures put in place during NAB Show, please email with subject line: Health and Safety NAB Show.

NAB reserves the right to make changes to show policies and protocols should safety recommendations change.

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