NAB Show Update: New Floor Tours

Data, Production & Video

NAB Show and StoryTech are launching three unique attendee tour experiences at the 2023 NAB Show. These new tours explore three central themes: managing data, innovation in virtual production and the evolution of video. Group and individual tours are offered Sunday, April 16 through Tuesday, April 18 onsite at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Data, Data, Data

This tour will focus on, data and metadata management throughout the production pipeline, from content creation to post-production management and through the distribution process. And we will look at how sustainability informs the entire process. Look for a focus on AI and machine learning solutions as well as the power of data analytics to drive the new normal.

New Production Modalities

This tour will focus on Web3 technologies that are driving virtual production solutions, building immersive content creation tools, and lowering carbon emissions. Look for information on the building of virtual worlds (like metaverses), avatars, and digital assets, through cloud workflow and the leveraging the blockchain and LED volumes.

The Evolution of TV/Video

This tour will highlight the most important technological trends permeating today’s TV/video landscape, while offering tangible operational and business insight into what lies ahead for the industry’s future.  Thematic areas of focus will include: content creation & production, broadcast & streaming distribution, TV/video economics, measurement & data analytics, the use of AI and consumer viewing behaviors.

StoryTech facilitates communication between storytellers and technology companies by providing briefings and curated tour experiences featuring exhibitors and products that are driving conversations around the latest content business models.

“StoryTech is offering comprehensive NAB Show tour experiences that stimulate networking, business growth and learning,” said Lori H. Schwartz, CEO of StoryTech. “We look forward to showcasing the companies and products that are advancing the art of storytelling through technology and innovation.”