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Preview New Show Floor Tours

Discover state-of-the-art products and the latest workflows on these all-new NAB Show floor tours. Learn more about each curated experience, then follow the links below to access recent interviews with the tour guides on NAB Amplify, the digital hub for media and entertainment professionals.

Data, Data, Data

Bryndan Moore, host of The Black Futurist podcast, will guide this tour focused on data and metadata management throughout the production lifecycle. Bryndon recently interviewed Arisha Smith on the ways data and analytics are reshaping the media landscape and how entertainment companies are playing catch-up.

New Production Modalities

Christina Heller, CEO at Metastage, will lead this tour about immersive content, Web3, and the tech and trends that are making it more accessible for creators and consumers. She recently joined Lori H. Schwartz, Storytech principal and NAB Amplify content partner for an insightful conversation.

The Evolution of TV/Video

This tour will highlight the most important technological trends permeating today’s TV/video landscape, while offering tangible operational and business insight into what lies ahead for the industry’s future. Thematic areas of focus will include: content creation & production, broadcast & streaming distribution, TV/video economics, measurement & data analytics, the use of AI and consumer viewing behaviors.