NAB Show Preview

Q&A Series: New Programming Everywhere Conference

Programming Everywhere gathers industry leaders to talk about the evolving business of content creation and distribution, with a focus on new development, reinventing local and national news and extending media brands on streaming.

TV station group senior executives will join programming, news and marketing leaders, syndicated programming executives and streaming media and technology leaders to take on issues such as the changing economics of syndicated programming, the relationship between FAST channels and the evolution of broadcasting, transforming television news and strategies for creating a programming everywhere business. Read more.

A panel of executives from top networks and TV station groups will also share how they’re mining their archives to create compelling new shows. Read more.

How station groups build an everywhere programming lineup, then brand it and promote it to consumers locally and beyond will be the subject of a panel, Strategies for Building a Content Everywhere Business. Read More.

An additional discussion, The Future of Sports on Broadcast Television, will feature expert sports broadcasting panelists. Read more.

With NAB Show right around the corner, we sat down with TVNewsCheck, the producers of ‘Programming Everywhere: The Content Event for Linear, Streaming and Syndication’ to talk trends, challenges and core needs for media companies.

Learn more in the Q&A below, and don’t miss the day-long event, featuring panel discussions, programming showcases and networking opportunities.

TV NewsCheck

Q. What are the biggest trends impacting the community/industry right now?

Media companies’ No. 1 challenge is creating more content for a multimedia audience without breaking the bank. TV station groups are particularly challenged to expand programming lineups without adding more news to a saturated news ecosystem.

Q. What challenges do media companies need to overcome because of these trends?

Media companies must collaborate more effectively with with program producers/distributors to create cost effective shows that work for available time periods. They must also work with technology providers to develop and fine-tune platforms that streamline production, distribution and monetization.

Q. What’s one thing you wish more media pros knew about?

Syndicated TV shows airing in daytime and early fringe are among the highest rated shows on linear TV and represent one of the last bastions of Appointment TV. Shows like these are transforming their brands to multimedia powerhouses.

Q. What are the top three things that attendees should hunt down on the show floor to expand what they just learned in your sessions?

  • Program buyers can meet with syndicated program producer/distributors in For Programming Everywhere meeting rooms on Monday, April 17. Details to come!
  • Content creators hoping to streamline production need to seek out companies offering AI-powered asset management tools that let them find old footage in seconds (instead of hours); mine the archives for new ideas and tap into remote production studios popping up in key cities.
  • Streaming media leaders determined to boost revenue can check out technologies that use AI to rapidly monitor viewer experience, advertising performance and more.

Q: What discussions should they be having with the exhibitors?

How can the media industry’s transition from hardware to software, and on-premise operations to the cloud transform the way content creators and distributors get more mileage out of their shows and their ability to create them. How can virtual sets, augmented reality and immersive mixed media boost efficiency while creating a brand-new look.


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