Exhibitor Registration


No one will be granted access to the exhibit hall without an official NAB Show New York badge or pass.

Badge types, passes and allotments are detailed below. Please take special note:

  • Persons with an Attendee Badge will not be permitted entry into the Hall outside published Hall hours.
  • No one under the age of 16 is permitted at any point.

Exhibitor Registration
EAC Registration

Exhibitor Badge

The Exhibitor Badge is for Booth Staff working the event and gives access to the Exhibit Hall before and after Show hours. Exhibitor Badges may not be used for outside vendors doing work in your booth. If Show Management sees that you are using Exhibitor Badges for non-booth Staff, Show Management has the right to revoke the badges.

Allotment: 8 Exhibitor Badges per 100 sq. ft. (9 sq. m) of booth space purchased.
All other Staff working the event must purchase an Exhibitor Badge for $25. Show Management reserves the right to change this allotment at any time.

Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor Badge

The Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC) Badge is required for any vendors you hire other than one of our Exclusive or Preferred Vendors. EACs will ONLY be granted access to the Exhibit Hall if the EAC is registered via the online portal and Show Management has approved the Certificate of Insurance (COI) on file.

Allotment: Unlimited

Details and Requirements

Manufacturer Representative Badge

The Manufacturer Representative Badge is typically for a sales agent who independently sells an exhibiting company’s products, is not a direct employee of the exhibiting company, and may represent multiple companies. Manufacturer Representatives have restricted access to the Hall.

Allotment: Unlimited

Maritz Global Events

Maritz: The exclusive registration vendor

Business Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. U.S. ET (GMT-05:00). Closed on U.S. Federal holidays
P: (864) 208-8418
Email Maritz

Picking Up Your Badges

NOTE: Badges will not be mailed.

Individual Badge Pick-Up

Group Badge Pick-Up

Badge Reprints

For Non-U.S. Visitors – U.S. Visa Application

The process of attaining a U.S. visa can be long and difficult. Review these important tips to maximize your chances of submitting a successful application and to ensure your travel to NAB Show New York goes smoothly.

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