Enhanced Cybersecurity for the Media Industry

With NAB Show New York right around the corner, we sat down with the producers of Cybersecurity for Broadcasters Retreat (CBR) to talk trends, challenges and enhanced cybersecurity for the media industry. Read on to learn more and don’t miss a full day of exclusive CBR sessions on Monday, October 17 and Tuesday, October 18 at NAB Show New York!

Q. What are the biggest trends impacting the media industry’s security managers? What challenges do they need to overcome, because of these trends?

Increasing security compliance requirements from the Securities and Exchange Commission will be released this fall and are expected to add extensive new rules for publicly traded companies. Publicly traded companies will face new cybersecurity rules that have been compared, in their impact, to Sarbanes Oxley’s impact on the financial management community.

Increasing security compliance requirements from insurance companies require media companies to audit their technology partners at least once a year about their cybersecurity hygiene and governance. Media company security leaders are trying to craft a standard questionnaire that they can all use to audit their technology vendors.

Q. What’s one thing you wish more media pros knew about?

The very important partnership between media companies and their technology partners, and the impact that partnership has on enhancing cybersecurity. As the industry shifts from hardware to software and on-premise technology to the cloud, this partnership is critically important.

Q. What are the top three things that attendees should hunt down on the show floor to expand what they just learned in your sessions? What discussions should they be having with the exhibitors?

  • Who is in charge of cybersecurity at each technology vendor?
  • What are technology vendors doing to enhance their cybersecurity governance in 2023?
  • What are technology vendors doing to enhance cybersecurity not just in their newly unveiled solutions, but in the solutions currently installed and operating at media companies?