Press Credentials

October 24–26, 2023 | Javits Center | New York, NY
Your Guide to Covering NAB Show New York


NAB Show New York welcomes all qualified members of the media who seek to cover the event. Working press must have media credentials to be admitted to the event and to the Newsroom. During online registration you will be asked to provide a link or upload documentation validating your industry related work — general homepages and other kinds of web pages will not be accepted. Articles presented must be directly relevant to the kind of business being conducted at NAB Show and NAB Show New York.

Invitations will be automatically issued to official media partners and to those who provide direct links to valid prior coverage of any NAB Show branded event produced and published within the last 24 months.

Scroll down to see the other accepted forms of credentials to be provided during online registration.

Print/Online Media

  • Masthead from a current publication listing you as an editorial contributor.
  • A recent article (or link) with your by-line.
  • YouTube channels, podcasts, or other digital platforms with a predominant focus on subject matters related to NAB Show. Must have a reasonable amount of followers/subscribers/listeners and/or unique monthly visitors.

Broadcast Media

  • Letter from the editor/producer on station/network letterhead or from a company email address that states you are covering NAB Show on assignment.
  • Government-issued press ID.
  • A news outlet webpage listing you as news staff (news director, editor, producer, reporter, anchor).
  • Business card from your media outlet reflecting your editorial role.


  • Provide a link to the website where your show coverage will appear.

Industry Analysts

  • Recent article with your byline.
  • Recent/relevant article quoting you as an industry analyst.
  • Cover of a recent market research report listing you as a contributor (report must not be solicited by an NAB Show exhibiting company).

NAB Show New York does not accept

  • Facebook Pages, Twitter sites, personal blogs, forums and users groups.
  • Homepage of websites or other kinds of web pages.
  • Content Marketing blogs or articles that are in support of a separate product/sales or consulting business.
  • Articles that are not directly relevant to the kind of business being conducted at NAB Show or NAB Show New York.
  • General “consumer” focused media and entertainment news and articles.
  • Press releases, paid or sponsored content, and promotional materials.
  • Photographers and videographers commissioned by exhibitors.
  • General managers, account representatives, sales executives, PR/marketing and non-editorial media professionals.
  • Anyone whose principal purpose for attending NAB Show is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering it as working news media.

Request an Invitation to attend as Credentialed Media

For assistance with content development or media accreditation contact: Laura Riggs


All working press must register for media access.