Q&A Series

October 24–26, 2023 | Javits Center | New York, NY

Harnessing the Power of NextGen TV

David Burke

David Burke, Senior Vice President at Gray Television and Broadcast Content Summit panelist, answers some questions on adapting to change and what attendees should be seeking when it comes to NextGen TV.

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How does your organization proactively foster innovation and creativity to stay “fresh”? 

We attend industry events such as CES, NAB Show and NAB Show New York. We also attend industry specific tech committees such as NAB Tech Committee, Pearl, etc. We get vendor roadmap briefings and have an internal “technology lab” to brainstorm and test ideas.

How do television executives stay on top of and adapt to the continuous changes in technology and ensure those are leveraged as opportunities? 

Somewhat akin to the answer above, but networking with industry experts, peers from other broadcaster groups, trade shows, etc.

What are the top three things that attendees should go hunt down on the show floor to expand what they just learned in your sessions? 

NextGen capabilities on 

  1. Interactivity  
  2. Personalization  
  3. Virtual Channels  
  4. Broadcaster Application   
  5. Dynamic Content Replacement

What discussions should they be having with the exhibitors to ensure they are finding the right fit for their organizations? 

Depends on how mature the broadcaster is with NextGen deployments and hands-on experience.  Most organizations have preferred vendors. Typically, one doesn’t arrive at a trade show and not already have established relationships. However, if they are trying to find vendors with experience in the various NextGen technologies and opportunities, vendors can provide demonstrations, loaner equipment, presentations, and references.

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