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October 24–26, 2023 | Javits Center | New York, NY

TV2025: Monetizing the Future

TV2025: Monetizing the Future

Kathy Haley, Co-Founder & Publisher for NewsCheckMedia, answers some questions on the biggest trends and resulting challenges for broadcasters.

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What are the biggest trends impacting the community/industry right now?

Traditional broadcasters – networks and TV station groups – are challenged by an advertising market disrupted by streaming, by an audience measurement arena that needs to adapt to a multimedia audience and by the rise of AI and questions about how it will transform production workflows in sports, news and entertainment.

What challenges does the community need to overcome, because of these trends? 

Broadcasters need to remind advertisers and investors that they remain the source of the biggest appointment viewing shows on television of any kind. They need to invest in updated approaches to audience measurement and in their programming pipelines and employees.

What’s one thing you wish more media pros knew about?

In a recent interview, longtime media mogul Barry Diller said the big three networks need to reinvest in their networks, which are fully distributed, and split from Netflix, Amazon and Apple in their negotiations with the striking Writers Guild of America. It is the networks, he said, that have the most to lose from a dried up programming pipeline.

What are the top three things that attendees should go hunt down on the show floor to expand what they just learned in your sessions?

Media executives at all levels need to understand the impact of AI-powered solutions that tag, index and search video archives, enabling companies to produce far more efficiently and license video to documentary and other producers. They also ought to take a look at AI-powered captioning and monitoring solutions and at solutions that use AI to make initial edits on raw video and create initial drafts of social posts.

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