Q&A Series

The Broadcast Engineering and IT (BEIT) Conference at NAB Show is designed for broadcast engineers and technicians, media technology managers, contract engineers, broadcast equipment manufacturers, distributors, engineering consultants and R&D engineers. Technical presentations consider pressing issues facing today’s media professionals.

The BEIT Conference, part of the Core Education Collection: Connect Series, runs April 13-16.

Ling Ling Sun is the Chair of the 2024 NAB (BEIT) Conference Program Committee and the Chief Technology Officer at Nebraska Public Media. She provided insight into the BEIT Conference and the broadcast engineering and IT community.

Core Education Collection (formerly NAB Show Conference)

What are the biggest trends impacting the community/industry right now?

The broadcast community/industry is in a new environment as streaming, AI, 5G, and cloud technologies reshape the media landscape. NextGen TV in North America revitalizes free over-the-air broadcasting with advanced features to compete in the era of large screens. These trends necessitate adaptation and innovation for broadcasters to stay relevant.


What challenges does the broadcast engineering and technology community need to overcome, because of these trends?

Resource management and adapting to new technologies require significant investments in infrastructure, training, and skills development. Resources are limited and broadcasters need to manage them efficiently and effectively through optimal media strategies.


What’s one thing you wish more media technologists knew about?

Collaboration is key. Collaboration across industries allows for a holistic understanding and shared problem-solving, sharing expertise and resources across teams helps avoid duplication of effort and maximizes the impact of investments.


What are the top 3 things that attendees should go hunt down on the show floor to expand what they just learned at the BEIT Conference?

Explore AI tools designed to streamline workflows and automate tasks for efficiency and saving costs. In four years, the U.S. will be hosting the Summer Olympic Games, it is time to check out NextGen TV and 5G solutions for free revitalized OTA broadcasting. Looking for cloud-based services for flexibility and scalability for centralized and remote content production/distribution and asset management. 


What discussions should they be having with the exhibitors?

Be open to new technology but focus on its practical value for your specific needs. Evaluating compatibility with existing infrastructure to minimize unnecessary spending.