Sunday, April 14 – Tuesday, April 16 | South Hall Meeting Rooms & South Hall Upper, West Hall Meeting Rooms & West Hall

Empowering the NAB Show community to re-image, co-create and pitch solutions to industry challenges in only 60 minutes. This year’s theme, Embracing the Future of AI.

  • Create – How can we unlock the potential of GenAI in Media Creation, to reimagine creativity as we know it? 
  • Connect – How can we redefine the future of AI content delivery for faster, high-quality streaming and broadcast?
  • Capitalize – How can we harness the full potential of GenAI and intelligent technologies to drive a new era of audience engagement and interaction in advertising?

And that’s a wrap! Thank you to all who participated and congratulations to the winners!

Produced in Partnership with
  • NAB Amplify

Session Highlights

  •  Eddie Vaca
    Eddie Vaca
    Director of Product
    NAB Amplify
  •  Maria Halse Duloquin
    Maria Halse Duloquin
    Innovation Consultant, Hackathons & Design Sprints
    MHD Innovation