Q&A Series
Mark Neerman, Head of Content, Neighborhood TV, Cox Media Group

Mark Neerman, Head of Content, Neighborhood TV at Cox Media Group and speaker at the Core Education Collection, Capitalize Series shares his perspective on hyperlocal programming. 

Hear Mark and other speak at the Creating Winning Hyperlocal Programming Strategies session as part of the Core Education Collection, Capitalize Series

Core Education Collection (formerly NAB Show Conference)

What are the biggest trends in hyperlocal programming right now? 

Technology makes this a time of terrific opportunity for both content providers and consumers. Content producers can now efficiently create more focused and relevant information for specific groups of consumers. The very definition of broadcast means we have had to find a common thread with content to appeal to a wide geography. With those constraints gone, we have a world of possibilities to understand and deliver what is most relevant. 


What are the biggest challenges those working in local programming must overcome? 

Quality as defined by the user, not presumed formulas of the past, has never been more important. We are all now pioneers in each phase of development, distribution, and monetization of content. We have fantastic advances in technology, but the very basics remain, you must be relevant to the user, you must deliver content that is unique. Once you develop that content you must find the distribution and format that successfully connects you with the consumer. Authenticity is more important than ever. 


What is one thing you wish programming professionals had a better understanding of? 

It is time to take risks. Never has it been more important to support innovation. And yes, that means devoting people and financial resources to projects that may not succeed. Each chance taken leads to lessons that can be applied to what we are to become as an industry. Continuing business as usual will have only one outcome, and it is the one none of us wants. We have an incredible opportunity to be the generation to make real change. 


What are the top 3 things that attendees should go hunt down on the show floor to expand what they just learned in your sessions? 

Together we must become experts in the technology that allows us to reach consumers across emerging platforms. As content producers, we will play a key role in the shaping of that technology. Along with meeting with content distributors, conversations with developers of AI will be key. How will we efficiently and ethically integrate this new world of possibility? Also, we have no content without successful monetization, how do we facilitate self-service SMB opportunities into added content offerings? 


What discussions should they be having with the exhibitors? 

I am finding that most developers are open to ideas from content producers about how their technology could be improved to better serve customers, both producers and the end user. I would not accept a product as is. We need to bring our background in content production to technological development.