CineCentral Workshops

Sunday, April 14 – Tuesday, April 16

Exclusive access to the latest content capture technology in drone use and large action filming equipment. Rare opportunities to train in real-world environments using cranes, remote heads and more.

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Produced in Partnership with
  • ARRI
  • Chapman Leonard
  • IATSE Local 80
  • Kodak)
  • Lightcraft
  • SOC
  •  Bonnie Blake SOC
    Bonnie Blake SOC
    Camera Operator
  •  Andrew Oran
    Andrew Oran
    Senior Vice President & General Manager, Sales and Marketing
  •  Dawn Fleischman SOC
    Dawn Fleischman SOC
    Camara Operator
  •  Mande Whitaker SOC
    Mande Whitaker SOC
    Camera Operator