Fulfillment Specs


NAB Show Sponsor & Advertiser Resources

Whether you sponsored a session, have an ad on the NAB Show website, or purchased an onsite banner, here is where you’ll find all the details regarding fulfillment specs for your promotional opportunity. Please follow the instructions below for submitting your promotional assets.


  • Logos and corresponding links should be submitted through this form. This will ensure the appropriate logo is added to the website and included in onsite signage. Deadlines depend on the sponsorship type and will be provided in your Welcome email. Please submit logos and artwork as soon as possible!

    Be sure to follow these guidelines for submitting your logos and artwork:

    • Please submit your logo as a high resolution .EPS file. Additionally, please submit a .JPEG or .PNG version for digital use. 
    • Minimum file size is 600 px tall and/or wide. 
    • We recommend color/4C image files as submitted all-white logos will appear as black when posted on the website.