Exhibitor Sustainability

A Commitment to a Greener Future

We believe that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. As an exhibitor at NAB Show, you have the opportunity to join us on our journey toward a more sustainable and eco-friendlier event. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while creating a memorable and responsible experience for our attendees.

Sustainability Awards


This awards program recognizes individuals, companies, and products/services for outstanding innovations in media technology that promote sustainability and foster economic and social development. Judged by an independent panel of experts, award winners will be chosen across seven categories based on the criteria defined for each category. The awards will be presented during a special ceremony on the Main Stage at NAB Show on April 14 in Las Vegas. The awards ceremony will include a panel discussion, as well as NAB and AWS donation presentation to a charity. Learn more + apply.


Add more flare to your exhibit space? By adopting sustainable practices in your exhibition presence, you’re not just making a statement. You’re leading by example, inspiring others and contributing to a healthier planet. This year, we’re excited to introduce an exclusive opportunity for exhibitors to shine a spotlight on their commitment to sustainability with the MTSS Sustainable Exhibitor Stamp mark. Learn more + how to participate.


As an exhibitor, you play a vital role in our sustainability efforts. Here is a checklist for ways you can contribute:

Join Us in Making a Difference

Join us in making NAB Show a sustainable and environmentally responsible event. By taking small steps toward sustainability, we can collectively make a significant impact. Together, we can create a memorable and sustainable experience for our attendees while demonstrating our commitment to a greener future.

Let’s work together to make NAB Show a showcase of innovation and sustainability. Together, we can create a brighter and more eco-conscious future for our industry.

For more information and assistance with your sustainability efforts, please contact our team at exhibitservices@nab.org or (877) 622-3947 or (202) 595-2051.